Greenilicious is founded in 2016 by three friends and partners – Steffen Juhl, Sif Orellana and Jonas Langhoff – based in Aarhus, the second largest city of Denmark, chosen as European Capital of Culture in 2017 and recently listed as number 2 on Lonely Planets and number 13 on New York Times’ list of ‘Places to go’.


Since February 2016 the three founders have travelled around the world together and separately – to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Paris, Rome, Berlin, London, Palma, Barcelona, Sydney, Melbourne and Reykjavik – to seek inspiration, check out the coolest plant-based and nutrient-dense places and connect with culinary experts, chefs, nutritionists, food bloggers, cookbook writers and other colleagues within the field.

On February 3rd, they open the doors to the first of a number of fresh, organic, and flavorful green take-away Delis in Denmark.


Steffen Juhl is a self-taught chef and has entrepreneurial blood running through his veins. His profound interest in food was already founded as a child and grew stronger throughout his studies to become a dentist during which he found himself absorbed by the subject of nutrition. He then discovered, that the enthusiasm he had for food also embraced the the vital influence it has on body, soul and mind. Endowed with a large dose of stubbornness, curiosity and perseverance, his intense passion drove him into the food industry, where he, amongst others, founded the high-end catering service and took the positition of Head Chef and General Manager at the organic eatery in Aarhus (DK) ‘Langhoff & Juul’, owned by our entrepreneurial co-founder in GREENILICIOUS, Jonas Langhoff.

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Sif Orellana is mother of three, and a self-taught chef, publisher, award-winning author, photographer, speaker, and co-founder of ‘Greenilicious’.

Ever since she was a little girl, she's been obsessed with writing, cooking and baking. It’s in her blood, so to speak. She traces her passion for writing, her baking exploits and cooking experiments all the way back to her childhood.

As for Sif's educational background, she has a MA in Comparative literature and Communication from Aarhus University, Denmark with an additional training program from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Besides that she's certified as a yoga instructor and is currently studying a Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology.

Sif Orellana has worked 12 years in the cultural industry in Denmark. In 2009 she decided to bring a long-felt dream to life by founding her own publishing house, Tinkerbell Books ApS. Since then Tinkerbell Books has, to Sif's great joy, turned into a reputable Danish publisher of cookbooks and works about life style, travel and personal development.

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Jonas is a Danish food entrepreneur based in Aarhus. Jonas has a strong focus on organic food, and especially the kind that is sourced, prepared and eaten within a short distance from where it was produced. He is the owner of the renowned organic eatery Langhoff & Juul, located in the charming Latin Quarter of Aarhus. Besides that he's also the co-owner of the company 'Postevand', that produces tap water in sustainable cartons - and now also the proud and excited co-founder of our Culinary sanctuary and healthy take-away Deli, Greenilicious.

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