Why did we choose the name Greenilicious for our brand? Well, because we believe that the combination between ‘green’ and ‘delicious’ fits our DNA and values well, and also because we love the symbolic values associated with the word ‘green’. What ‘green’ means to us? Good question – read along here.

Growth & vitality
Green is the color of growth & vitality, the color of spring, of freshness, rebirth, and nutritional powerhouses.

Green is the anticipation of things to come.

Green is the sanctuary away from the fast-paced lifestyle and the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well-being.

Green revitalizes us when we are physically, mentally or emotionally exhausted. It relates to endurance and gives us strength to cope with adversity.

Harmony & Balance
Green relates to calmness, down-to-earthiness and encourages ‘social joining’.

All values we find suitable for Greenilicious!